Dental Sealants

Dr. Scott Morgan and our team recommend dental sealants to help protect your child’s teeth. Sealants are typically recommended when the permanent molars and premolars come in and act as a barrier on the grooved areas of the teeth to block out decay-causing factors such as bacteria and food debris.

Prior to recommending sealants for your child, a clinical and radiographic examination are necessary to rule out any existing presence of decay. To achieve the best results possible the procedure of applying sealants requires the placement of a rubber dam to isolate the tooth (teeth) and keep the area dry and free of contaminants. Local anesthetic may be needed to provide complete comfort for the patient.

The material used for sealants in our office is a “composite resin” material and is far superior to the “sealant” material that is most commonly utilized. We have found that the absolute best, long-term results are achieved using the “rubber dam” for isolation of the tooth, proper tooth preparation and the more durable tooth-colored “composite resin” material. Sealants placed in this manner can last for several years after they are placed providing long-term protection as your child grows and develops.

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