Toothché (TLC Protector)

After your child’s treatment, Dr. Scott Morgan may recommend that they use the Toothché bite guard to protect their mouth. This simple oral appliance is designed to provide a little extra “TLC” and prevent patients from biting themselves after they have received a treatment where a local anesthetic is used. To learn more about Toothché in Indianapolis, Indiana, and to schedule your child’s appointment with our pediatric dentist, contact Pediatric Dentistry North, P.C. today at 317-571-8000.

When your child receives a local anesthetic, they will remain numb for several hours after their treatment is over. During this period of numbness, it is crucial that they do not chew on, bite, poke or touch the treatment area, as they could cause significant damage to themselves without feeling any pain or discomfort. The Toothché mouth guard is a type of preventive appliance which guards against self-inflicted injury to the tongue, lips and cheeks. By preventing injury during the healing period, your child can recover and return to their regular activities more quickly, as well as remain more comfortable and avoid the need for any additional treatments.

In addition, accidental biting, not associated with dental treatment, can result in significant swelling that can be re-bitten again and again, causing re-injury of the area that can take longer to heal. If your child has a Toothché as a result of receiving one at a previous treatment appointment, then they have an excellent appliance that can be used to treat a subsequent injury to their tongue, lip or cheek due to accidentally biting themselves while eating a meal, chewing gum, talking, etc. All that is needed is to reinsert the Toothché on the side that is injured, until injured tissue and the swelling in the area has been resolved.

For more information about Toothché and to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist, give us a call today! You can also visit the Toothché website here.